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I was seen by Dr Sikka who took the time to listen to my symptoms, performed same day allergy testing, and gave me a thoroughly written plan of care. Dr Sikka had a wonderful bedside manner and answered all of the questions that I asked. The office staff was kind and courteous, they also took the time to explain my insurance coverage and make sure that I knew the cost and insurance coverage. Dr Sikka and his office staff were wonderful!!!! A++
- by Brenda G.

If you find yourself coughing all the time, cannot breath, experiencing some reflux, have allergies - go to North Texas Allergy & Asthma Associates. Dr. Sandeep Gupta and his entire staff are an amazing group of people. They care about their patients. His bedside manners are amazing. They have done wonders for me and I trust them. When I first went to Dr. Gupta I was totally shot down. I could not breath through my nose, was coughing up stuff all the time, and had a multitude of other issues. He was the only doctor that was able to identify that I actually have allergies to cats and dust. Now I get my allergy shots and feel great. My quality of life has improved 1000%. His staff is always very nice and accommodating. They actually do out of their way to help.
-by Al L.

This is one of the best patient experience I have had. Considering that allergy shots are a multi year commitment - they make it easy by having all day shot hours. Plus they have wireless Internet, office loan iPads, and television to keep you entertained while waiting after your shot. They offer allergy medication for after the shot, ice packs to keep down shot reactions, coffee, tea, and water for make your time in the office more comfortable. Plus they can transfer your shot between their Dallas and Plano locations with a days notice - so you if you are in the Plano area you can take your shot at that location.

Their allergy test are much better than I have had in the past - with Dr Safdarian going the extra mile to test me to verify some items the default test did not find - but an extra detailed test uncovered.
-by Anthony A.

This allergy and asthma clinic is fantastic. Dalia Galicia is my current physician there and she never fails to listen and spend plenty of time helping me to understand new medications or answer my questions. This practice is also always aware of the costs of healthcare and look for ways to make sure patients get great medical care without breaking the bank. I would recommend Dr Galicia and the rest of the staff to any one looking for a fantastic doctor and excellent medical care.
-by Tiffany C.

Greeted by staff when i arrived. Reasonable wait time with several paitents in lobby. Offices clean & staff knowledgeable. Given breathing test for asthma & 2 allergy shots. All patients are required to wait 20 minutes after receiving shots & show injection sites to staff before leaving-this is to check for bad reactions before leaving doctor's care.
-by Elaine G.

I have severe asthma and allergies. Dr. Gupta and staff have always been wonderful. They are great at helping to manage other doctor care and procedures, as well as, working/communicating with other offices. They were prompt, efficient, and personable as always. My entire family know goes to see them. We view the office and Dr. Gupta as family because they are always there for us.
-by Jenna O.

Dr. Gupta was amazing. He actually listened to what I had to say and was concerned. He wanted to look into the problem and not just give out a prescription. It is a rare thing these days to find a doctor who really wants to help you. They also did some allergy testing and I found out a lot of new things. Also they could test for food allergies using patches. Pretty sophisticated stuff.
-by Micheal O.

Consultation with Dr. Gupta was extremely informative and instructional and allowed me to proceed at a pace that I desired.
-by Robert B.

Dr. Gupta and I decided to stop 2 medications (an inhaler and nasal spray) I had been taking for my asthma for years and rely more on the positive effects of my injections. He listened to me concerning me not wanting to take corticosteroids which I had taken for many years prescribed by other allergists. That couldn't have made me happier. My inhaler would often make me sick. I have only been seeing Dr. Gupta since March, 2013 and progressed so much in these past few months than I ever had any with other allergists in the past. His unique (to me) allergy testing had never even been discussed with me by any of my other allergists. It greatly shortened the time that I was able to get to my maintenance dose for my injections. I had never even been close to a maintenance level before.

Dr. Gupta and his staff are wonderful. I greatly appreciate them.
-by Kathy E.

Great, they always listen to me and move me up accordigly. When I was deciding to do allergy shots I did not feel any preasure to do them, it was my own decision.
-by Deana B.

These guys are amazing!! I never have to wait. Dr. Safdarian was extremely detailed and took her time during my first appointment where I was getting tested to see what I was allergic to. She sat down and answered all of my questions. It's so nice to have a doctor that isn't in a rush. I cannot say enough great things about the staff. They are so nice and the office is extremely clean. Everyone I know that goes to North Texas Allergy & Asthma loves it!
-by Julia T.

My appointment was to get three allergy shots. I did not see my doctor, Nastaran Safdarian, M.D., since she is not required to be there for monthly allergy shots.
The appointment went well, as it always does. I have been going to Dr. Safdarian since August 2011, and I am very pleased with her. I usually get monthly shots, but sometimes I get weekly shots when there are new vials of serum.

I had been going to another allergy doctor in Dallas (well known and advertised in D Magazine, etc.) for over 20 years, and I find Dr. Safdarian to be much more attentive to my needs. She is really conscientious about my health care and takes the time to get plenty of information from me and welcomes my questions. Since I have been going to Dr. Safdarian, my allergies have been controlled much better.

As some people know, for allergy shots to be effective, the serum has to be kept refrigerated, and this is done at North Texas Allergy & Asthma Associates. At the office of my previous doctor, they kept all vials of serum out of the refrigerator all day, and did not put them back into the refrigerator until the end of the day, so the serum lost its potency, and therefore I was not getting as much immunity from my allergies. Also, at North Texas Allergy they give me three shots, because my allergies are so strong, whereas at my previous doctor's office they gave me only one shot, which was not as effective.

I have recommended Dr. Safdarian to a number of people I know who have allergies. Her primary concern is my health, whereas my previous allergy doctor was always complaining about doctors not making enough money, etc.

There is adequate staff at NTAAA, whereas many doctors today are trying to save money by cutting staff. The staff at NTAAA is very good, competent, and friendly, and I even look forward to going there to get allergy shots!
-by Marty N.

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Gupta and his wonderful staff at the Plano office for the past nine months since moving to the area for treatment of pediatric and adult allergy symptoms and for immune therapy for myself. As a military family who relies on Tricare for our medical coverage and Dr. Gupta's practice is one of the few in Plano who accepts our insurance. Dr. Gupta has a wonderful bedside manner, he is great with children and the office even has IPads for the kids to use while they wait. The staff is outstanding and very friendly. I highly recommend Dr., Gupta and North Texas Allergy and Asthma Associates and I commend them for their service to military families.
-by Nuncia M.